Azia Comics

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Drawing skills

  1. How do you digitize your comics?

    Actually, I draw them directly with a mouse or touchpad using Microsoft Paint or GIMP, which is a free and open source Image Manipulation Program.

  2. When did Azia Comics really start and why the name?

    I can say, Azia Comics actually started since in my primary school days as I barely started drawing.Then, I use to draw for family, friends, in journals and magazines just for fun. I  had lots of admiration for Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Mangas. One day , say at the age of 11, I draw my first comic book and I needed a name to identify myself, so the name Azia Comics sounded appealing to me.

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  1. What is your source of inspiration?

    Well, I just never look at anything too seriously. I just try to focus on the odds in everything while taking into consideration the fact that it should not be offensive to anyone but rather induce a sense of humour.

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Animation skills

  1. When did you start animation? Why did you start? and What is the secret behind your animations? They look so visually appealing, humorous and full of life.

    Actually, my animation career started in 2013 when an idea came to me I had to move to the next level. At the time, I basically couldn't affort for a commercial or proprietary software. So, during my google searches, I came across 3 interesting software which I think are the best free software in their different categories i.e STYKZ for stick figure animation, Synfig Studio for 2D animation and Blender for both 3D animation and Editing. Till present I use them for all my works.

    For the humour, liveliness and the rest, I believe it's just more of creativity

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